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Interloop combines a full-stack data platform with the expertise you need to gain insights & accelerate growth.


Growth is hard, data shouldn’t be.

Traditional data integration methods are slow, painful, & aren’t flexible enough for today’s data driven world. Take a new approach with Interloop.
The Old Way
The Interloop Way

A scalable data platform that is built to grow with you

Create a seamless data stack that is easy to manage and maintain - no need to buy & stitch together multiple tools just to unlock the power of your data.


Using our powerful connectors & job framework - we easily ingest your data from a variety of sources.


Make sense of your data with Git managed data models. Track changes so all your data consumers are in sync.


Easily monitor broken connections, data pipelines, or changes to third party apis with dynamic alerting.


Surface your data in beautiful & powerful dashboards / visual reports so you can make decisions.

We’re your outsourced data engineering team

Our data experts aka "Data Plumbers" take on the messy challenges of data so you can focus on gaining insights & confidently driving growth.

Getting Started Is Easy

We make it easy to get started no matter how large or small your data challenges are. We follow a simple 3 step approach:

Take A Data Assessment

Understand where you are currently in the data maturity lifecycle.

Establish a POV (Proof Of Value)

Let's work together to identify a use case & create a proof of value in just a few short weeks.

Unlock the full power of your data

Ready to go all in - we'll help you unlock the power of your data with powerful insights.

Data Driven Companies Win

If your business is not making decisions & taking actions based on the actionable insights gained from your organizational data, then you are being left behind.
more likely to acquire customers
as likely to retain customers
as likely to be proftiable as a result

Powerful Connectors

150+ Connectors, you can easily connect with the Databases, File Stores, & SaaS applications you use every day.


CRM Data


CRM & Marketing


Accounting Data


Order Data

Facebook Ads

Advertising Data

Google Ads

Advertising Data

LinkedIn Ads

Advertising Data


Purchase Data

Sugar CRM

CRM Data


Marketing Data


Marketo Data


Event Data

Zendesk Support

Support Data

Zendesk Sell

CRM Data


Chat Data


ERP Data


Accounting Data

Sage Intacct

Accounting Data


Marketing Data


ERP Data
+ Over 100 Other Connectors
View All Conectors

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